Include the estimated time of arrival within the actual SMS message to provide greater ease of use of your services. Our statistics show that 1 out of every 4 customers don’t open the tracking link and this gives them a better idea of the arrival at a quick glance for those customers who are hurried, busy, or have not opened the link. This module will also welcome your return customers back with a friendly message of your choice to express appreciation for them choosing your service again.

Module Features

  • Google API Routed
    The ETA comes from Google’s API and is calculated as the fastest route based on the X/Y of the driver’s location and the X/Y of the pickup address.
  • Generalized ETA
    Instead of sending an exact number, the ETA can be generalized by a range of your choosing. For example, if the ETA is 7 minutes, you can text the customer that it should be approximately 5-10 minutes if you prefer.
  • Acknowledges Repeat Customers
    This module can welcome your return customers back when the tracking link is sent out to show your appreciation for them choosing your service.
  • Uses Your Tracker
    This module uses the URL from your specific tracking link, or optionally, use our URL shortener to reduce the length of your URL to allow for more text within your message.


additional information


Smart ETA by SMS is integrated with iCabbi dispatch systems at this time. A texting server/subscription is needed and we can assist with this.


Designed to work with Customer Loyalty Points. We encourage stacking for an inclusive customer experience.

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