Active Fleet Texting gives you the ability to text only those drivers who recently drove for you, anywhere from today to eight weeks ago, to all of their cell phone numbers at the same time as opposed to the current standard of texting “All offline drivers” who exist in your system from the beginning of time.
This module can also be configured to add/remove drivers from specific texting groups and you may text the groups as needed (Additional development time applies).

Module Features

  • Custom Range
    Rather than texting all of the drivers that are in your dispatch system, this module will only text your recently active drivers with an active date range from today to sixty (60) days ago.
  • Automatic Updates
    This module updates to the driver’s newest phone number on file and deletes old drivers from the contact system automatically.
  • Multi-Area Capable
    Text only drivers that are in a specific range of vehicle numbers, implying different territories, to communicate with only them as to not inform drivers on the other side of town (You can do that too if you prefer).
  • Secure Interface
    Each of your staff members who intend to use this module are given their own unique PIN that is required to authenticate sending and log where the message from relayed from. This also includes IP address information.
  • E-mail Alerts
    If the authentication succeeds and a message is sent to your fleet, you are sent a receipt of the message, where it was sent, by who, and much more via E-mail. Likewise, if the authentication fails, you are informed of the attempt in great detail.
  • Misuse Filter
    While actively expanding and not a complete guarantee, specific words, phrases, and more, have been built in to block communication in every effort to prevent an offensive message from being relayed.


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Active Fleet Texting is integrated with iCabbi dispatch systems at this time. A texting server/subscription is needed and we can assist with this.


Does not require any additional modules to interact with and is a standalone module.

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