This module will listen for common cancellation phrases from the customer through text message and perform a series of actions that include cancelling the job, thanking the customer for informing you of their cancellation, and confirming the address of the order they have cancelled. No more missed cancellations because your team was too busy and did not notice, no more slacking on sending the customer a proper thank you in return.

Module Features

  • Custom Words/Phrases
    The module listens for specific words/phrases such as: cancel, please cancel, cancel please, sorry cancel, cancel sorry, cancel ride, cancel taxi, cancel trip, please cancel my taxi, please cancel taxi, please cancel my ride, please cancel ride, etc… and more can be added to suit your geographical location’s common phrases for cancelling an order.
  • Works on Multiple Order Types
    This module is built with the logic to understand if the customer has one active job, one active and/or more prebook jobs, no active jobs, one or multiple prebook jobs with no active jobs, and more, to best determine and properly handle the customer’s cancellation request automatically and efficiently.
  • Courtesy Text to Customer
    Once the order is cancelled, the customer is automatically sent a text thanking them and confirming the address of the pickup they no longer desire. For example, the customer would be sent: “Thank you for letting us know, we have cancelled your 7:30 PM booking at 2710 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, 85034.” It is important to respond positively if a customer no longer desires to book with you as you want that door to remain open if they decide to book with you in the future. You do not want to give the impression that you are upset about their cancellation by sending a generic “Thanks” message, or worse, no response at all.
  • Documented Order Notes
    A note is added to all ASAP cancellations indicating the date/time the job was cancelled and how. This allows your staff to know what happened when it counts. Example: “Job cancelled 13:21 on 12/5/2018 through Zipwhip” or any custom message you would prefer be saved to the job.
  • Logged Requests
    All requests to cancel their active or upcoming jobs are logged. This includes the customer’s phone number, phrase they sent, original order due date/time, order type, and more, for quick reference.
  • Mapped Responses
    Request more information about this module to learn exactly how it works under specific ASAP and prebook conditions. Changes can be customized to suit your business model.


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Auto Cancel by SMS is integrated with iCabbi dispatch systems at this time. A texting server/subscription is needed and we can assist with this.


Does not require any additional modules to interact with and is a standalone module.

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