When your customers make a reservation, this module is used to text back their trip details with more information than what is available from the system. This module is important because it gives the customer an opportunity to reply back and correct any data entry mistakes such as the pickup address or due time prior to the order being dispatched. Without this added benefit, mistakes may be realized post-dispatch after a driver has already wasted time and fuel on the mistake, resulting in both an unhappy customer and an unhappy driver. This module computes and confirms several variables and presents it to the customer so they have reassurance that you received their order, for what time, date, address, and more. When an order is created for 23:59, a different message goes out to advise the customer that you have their will-call return trip ready.

Module Features

  • Comfort in Confirmation
    Let your passengers know that you received their order, when it is due, with as much detail as you would like.
  • Help Reduce Mistakes
    Not everyone gets it right the first time! It's been our experience there could be a misinterpretation or misunderstanding that could have been cleared up early - Before a driver wastes their time headed the wrong direction.
  • Date, Day, and Time
    It's important to express all three when there are examples of passengers placing orders for a specific day of the week which happens to be the incorrect date they wanted. Often times orders are being placed while multi-tasking.
  • Will-Call Ready
    Instruct passengers to text you back when they're ready to go, reducing call center time and labor.


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Advanced Customer Reservation Alerts is integrated with iCabbi dispatch systems at this time.


Does not require any additional modules to interact with and is a standalone module.

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