Loyalty Suite: Built by Experienced Transportation Industry Operators

Lite Suite
Setup Charge
£393 | CAN$659
Proven Worldwide & Ready to Run
$399/Monthly Licenses + $0.02873 Per Qualifying Trip
£317/Monthly Licenses + £0.023 Per Qualifying Trip
CAN$531/Monthly Licenses + CAN$0.038 Per Qualifying Trip
White-Labeled & Branded with Your Company Name, Logo, and More
Complete Survey Ratings System with Opt-Out Feature, Dynamic Landing Page Based on Passenger Rating, Optional Social Media Buttons, Optional Link Expiration
Passenger Loyalty Reward System with Fully Stocked Common Reward Store, 1.5X & 2X Bonus Point Multiplier Incentives, Coverage Area & Corporate Account Filtering, Automated SMS Interaction w/ Join Feature, Auto-Account Merge, Driver Enrollment Monitoring, Minimum-Spend Invitations, PDF History Reports, and E-mail Receipts
Driver Incentive & Reward System with Auto-Enroll, Common Reward Store, Customizable Driver Bonus Incentive Tiers (Zone/Schedule/Chase Distance), Weekly SMS Alerts, Weekly Points Summary, Personalized Driver Dashboard & Ratings View
Passenger Retention System with Automatic Outreach, Real-Time Monitoring for Multiple Retention Event Styles, Auto-Add Points, Coverage Area & Corporate Account Filtering
Digital Ride Credit System with Reconciliation Data, Trip Auto-Update, Dispatch & Driver Notification, Update Integrated Soft Meter Total
Lite Administration Area - Add/Remove Points, Modify Bonus Tiers, Adjust Coverage Area, System Settings, E-mail Notification Alerts, System-Side Power Switches, and More!
Real-Time Dashboard Analytics - Valuable Loyalty Insights, Global Driver Satisfaction Rating View, Reward Redemptions, Exportable Data, and More!
Sandbox for Testing Passenger & Driver Experiences
Social Media Marketing Kit- Includes (12) promotional images to post on Social Media to highlight the Loyalty Suite, Earning Points, and more, seamlessly branded with your company logo and colors.
We Fulfill Your Reward Shipments For You - Physically & Digitally Worldwide 24/7
(Reward Value + Low $2.50 Postage/API Fee) Ask for a Sample, you won't believe it!
Pro Suite
Setup Charge
£1979 | CAN$3319
Enhanced Customization & More Options
$399/Monthly Licenses + $0.02873 Per Qualifying Trip
£317/Monthly Licenses + £0.023 Per Qualifying Trip
CAN$531/Monthly Licenses + CAN$0.038 Per Qualifying Trip
Your Own Reward Stores - Build local business alliances by placing their gift cards in your unique driver & passenger reward stores. Use the Loyalty Suite as an ice-breaker for corporate accounts, bars, restaurants, and more for an unparallelled marketing advantage!
Absent Passenger Outreach w/ Reporting - Enrolled Passengers Based on Days Absent, Auto-Add Points w/ Custom Marketing Message, Optional Duplicate Outreach Prevention
Adjust Driver Points Earning Ratios - Based on Star Ratings, Trip Completion, and More!
Adjust Text Message Templates
Adjust Retention Levels & Points Issuance
Enhanced Pro Administration Area - Twice as Many Settings & Options as Lite


No Minimum Term Commitment

  • No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!
    Since we are just like you in the transportation business, we know what it takes to operate a high-quality transportation service, so we set our billing terms exactly how we would want them as taxi operators.
  • What is a Qualifying Trip for Billing?
    A qualifying trip is a job in your dispatch system that has been completed with a phone number. Street hails, flags, cancellations, and no shows are excluded from billing.
  • How Long Does Installation Take?
    Lite Suite installations are typically completed within two weeks. Pro Suite installations take longer and extend into three weeks. Installations are completed in order on a first come, first served basis, and there may still be a backlog due to increased demand this year.
  • Which Dispatch Systems are Compatible?
    At this time, the Loyalty Suite is fully integrated with iCabbi. While we are exploring integrations based on overwhelming demand, we suggest reaching out to us first if you are not using an iCabbi dispatch system.

Our Unique Perspective as Taxi Operators

We own and operate our local family transportation businesses day-to-day with a combined 85 years of experience and passion for excellence. Designing, testing, and fine-tuning real solutions for our industry leads to a goal that both you and ourselves share. This separates us from others who design and build solutions without understanding the vast experience needed to build the absolute best solutions for our industry. For more about our story, learn about Gauer Modules.

Want to stop by for a site tour of our operations in Arizona? Just let us know! We regularly host transportation companies from all over the world.

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