Advanced Customer Reservation Alerts

When your customers make a reservation, this module is used to text back their trip details with more information than what is available from the system.

Company Portal Alert System

Our robust portal system can be used by your dispatch or call center operations to alert virtually anyone you would like within your team regarding specific situations so that your whole team is informed at the same time.

Automated SMS Responses

Automated SMS Responses creates the ability for your customer to receive an automatic reply to their text with specific information if they text you a specific word.

Active Fleet Texting

Active Fleet Texting gives you the ability to text only those drivers who recently drove for you, anywhere from today to eight weeks ago, to all of their cell phone numbers at the same time as opposed to the current standard of texting “All offline drivers” who exist in your system from the beginning of time.

Auto Cancel by SMS

This module will listen for common cancellation phrases from the customer through text message and perform a series of actions that include cancelling the job, thanking the customer for informing you of their cancellation, and confirming the address of the order they have cancelled.

Driver Details by SMS

For administrative and/or authorized personnel only, allow them the ability to text you a specific taxi vehicle number and, if authorized, they will automatically be sent back the driver’s full name and phone number via text for them to communicate with that driver.

Smart ETA by SMS

Include the estimated time of arrival within the actual SMS message to provide greater ease of use of your services.


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