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was founded by Dave, Brandon, and Jason Gauer, who are father & sons that have been involved in the transportation industry for a combined 85 years. The Gauers currently operate a Phoenix & Tucson-based taxi company, and a separate NEMT company, that utilize all of the Gauer Modules on this website in a true customer environment so that the processes can be fine-tuned. Every module that is available has been tested and proven in a real environment to demonstrate their real-world applicability, functionality, and hyper-reliability. The Gauers are hyper-focused on safety, technology, cameras, and accident avoidance, while only using the best. The Gauers frequently host transportation company operators from all over the world for site facility tours.

The modules that are available exist in every effort to bring the typically old-fashioned taxicab business model into the future by offering multiple levels of fully automated and semi-autonomous customer interaction. For the transportation companies who do not have a team of developers on staff like most rideshare companies, Gauer Modules offers a proven and reliable alternative. The real-world impact of these modules has been observed very positively among The Gauer’s customer base which further reinforces the need for these modules across more markets.

Loyalty Suite Origination

Over many years, we observed instances where passengers were disappointed and never returned, drivers felt underappreciated for their efforts, and no one had an incentive to either come back to our service or improve upon the service being delivered. By designing and building the Loyalty Suite, we were able to show our passengers that we care while giving them something tangible in return. We’re able to show drivers their ratings to build pride, issue reward points for future ratings, bonus points for chasing orders, helping in underserved zones, during times we need them, to show how appreciated drivers truly are for their efforts. We incentivize passengers to use us during slower times, therefore reducing overall retention events, to take us to specific destinations for double points, and so much more. The Loyalty Suite is an elaborate and complex system that uses advanced automation to solve industry problems, retain business, excite and engage drivers, and smooth out the operation. With all of the positive results we’ve witnessed, we will never operate a transportation business without the Loyalty Suite.

Custom Changes

All Gauer Modules have been tested, proven, and perform a specific way for positive results within a real customer base. Certain functions of many Gauer Modules can be customized to suit your business. However, not all requests can be promised, and not all requests will be met depending on the development time to overhaul the module and/or provide additional support related to the changes. All changes and requests should be discussed prior to setup. Any custom unlisted changes to a module’s functionality will result in additional development time and expense.


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