Our robust portal system can be used by your dispatch or call center operations to alert virtually anyone you would like within your team regarding specific situations so that your whole team is informed at the same time. This module communicates the portal entry via E-mail as standard, but it can be customized to send SMS/Text and even send the portal ticket to Slack if your organization prefers for an additional cost. Long gone are the days of having your dispatcher try to call everyone and pass along information. Now you can ensure your whole team is on the same page, with the same details, at the same time.

Module Features

  • Independent Operation
    This module is independent from any dispatch system as it requires your team to input the information.
  • Unlimited Categories
    All categories are setup specifically for your business and the types of alerts you would like to communicate.
  • Unlimited Questions
    If a specific category is selected, you get to set the follow-up questions that may or may not be required to submit the portal ticket.
  • Advanced Notification
    While communication via E-mail is standard with this module, it can send SMS messages for select alerts and/or submit the portal ticket directly to Slack for your team to view and discuss.
  • Instant Results
    When your dispatcher submits the form, the results are E-mailed to your specified team at the same time. To discuss the portal ticket, your team simply clicks “Reply to All” to include everyone who received the alert in the discussion.
  • Searchable Data
    By sending this data to your E-mail inbox, we’re essentially creating a database that can be searched by keyword when you’re looking for specific incidents within your mail client. You are able to search by the specific ticket number assigned to each entry, the driver’s name, and much more depending on how much detail you would like to request from your dispatcher when a new ticket is created.
  • Optional Add-on
    Send a copy of the portal tickets to your live dashboard to browse, search, and/or export the data at any time.


additional information

  • No System Requirement
    The Company Portal Alert System is not attached to any dispatch system as it operates independently.
  • Standalone
    Does not require any additional modules to interact with and is a standalone module.
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