Module: Loyalty Suite Pro

Company: VIP TAXI

Phoenix & Tucson, AZ |

August 1st, 2018

module went live on Wednesday

VIP Taxi in Arizona is owned and operated by the Gauer family of Gauer Modules with approximately 200 vehicles.

December 15th, 2018

1,094 enrolled customers

This module has been met with excitement and appreciation by customers with many leaving enthusiastic positive feedback.

July 28th, 2020

7,000 enrolled customers

April 7th, 2022

11,581 enrolled customers

82% of all points are recycled

  • 10,195+ passengers automatically retained amounting in $1,412,727+ in four years time.
    Over four thousand passengers experienced retention events and came back to spend over half a million dollars (and counting) in under two years. While these results cannot be promised for all companies, they reflect the positive impact of owning a situation and providing honest customer service.
  • Overwhelming & Enthusiastic Support
    Passengers regularly leave comments expressing their appreciation for getting something back for their money, how excited they are to use points for their transportation, while drivers are saying that they feel appreciated and valued for providing good service.
  • Under 3.3% Disbursement Rate
    Most reward programs cost the company 5% to 8%, while after about two years, VIP Taxi is still disbursing less than 3% of what the enrolled passengers continue to spend.
  • Makes Business Sense
    While an attractive program for passengers and drivers, it makes logical business sense for the company to retain as much business as possible, attract new passengers, and retain quality drivers. It has been the greatest marketing promotion VIP Taxi has ever launched.

What Company Operators Are Saying

Data Cars - London, England

Loyalty Suite Pro Operator Since 2019

“Gauer Modules is easily the most management-free system we have ever used. The automation side of it is just brilliant and now we’re approaching 3 years. It has helped us acquire and retain thousands of customers and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

BriteLift - Chicago, Illinois

Loyalty Suite Pro Operator Since 2020

“Our company has thoroughly enjoyed using the Loyalty Suite. We implemented the program when the pandemic began and think it would have been beneficial to have done so sooner. Customers enjoy being rewarded with points and it does entice them to use our company again. Instead of providing refunds for trips where a customer was unsatisfied, we can offer points instead, which encourages the customer to use us again and give us a second chance. Our drivers also enjoy the program. They can earn points easily and then redeem them for gift cards that they can then use for themselves or for family members.”

Station Taxis - Malton, England

Loyalty Suite Pro Operator Since 2020

“The Loyalty Suite from Gauer Modules has been amazing for our company and it has provided a means to retain customers. People love to get rewards for their loyalty and this makes them more likely to wait for a taxi than ring another company so they get their points. Customers love the rewards and have recommended us to their friends based on this. Jason has been brilliant to work with and nothing is too much trouble, he is always happy to help and give advice.”

Old Dominion Transportation Group - Woodbridge, Virginia

Loyalty Suite Pro Operator Since 2022

“Gauer Modules’ Loyalty Suite has been nothing but amazing and I regularly receive positive feedback from both our drivers and customers. The platform is innovative, works seamlessly with iCabbi, and has worked perfectly since it was built. I love the automation it provides and am excited to see the additional features Gauer Modules rolls out.”

Ace Taxi - Cleveland, Ohio

Loyalty Suite Pro Operator Since 2019

“We love the loyalty suite from Gauer Modules. This has allowed us to monitor our service feedback and to apply corrective action as needed. The rewards portion has enhanced our customers experience, for both drivers and passengers. It is simple to setup and use and is completely automated. Kuddos to Jason and his team for creating this solution for our industry. The Gauer family’s experience and understanding of our industry needs and their dedication to customer service is clearly displayed in this loyalty suite, through and through.”

Ever lose a passenger over a late or absent ride?

Automatically engage with the Loyalty Suite’s Passenger Retention

And keep them as passengers!

Automated Passenger Retention

Customer experiences substandard service

Module automatically engages to build trust & respect

Customers are retained & continue to earn points!