Module: Customer Loyalty Points

Company: VIP TAXI

Phoenix & Tucson, AZ |

August 1st, 2018

module went live on Wednesday

VIP Taxi in Arizona is owned and operated by the Gauer family of Gauer Modules with approximately 200 vehicles.

December 15th, 2018

1,094 enrolled customers

This module has been met with excitement and appreciation by customers with many leaving enthusiastic positive feedback.

July 28th, 2020

7,000 enrolled customers

82% of all points are recycled

  • 4,200+ passengers automatically retained amounting in $537,000.00+
    Over four thousand passengers experienced retention events and came back to spend over half a million dollars (and counting) in under two years. While these results cannot be promised for all companies, they reflect the positive impact of owning a situation and providing honest customer service.
  • Overwhelming & Enthusiastic Support
    Passengers regularly leave comments expressing their appreciation for getting something back for their money, how excited they are to use points for their transportation, while drivers are saying that they feel appreciated and valued for providing good service.
  • Under 3% Disbursement Rate
    Most reward programs cost the company 5% to 8%, while after about two years, VIP Taxi is still disbursing less than 3% of what the enrolled passengers continue to spend.
  • Makes Business Sense
    While an attractive program for passengers and drivers, it makes logical business sense for the company to retain as much business as possible, attract new passengers, and retain quality drivers. It has been the greatest marketing promotion VIP Taxi has ever launched.

VIP Taxi plans to continue using the Customer Loyalty Points module to engage customers and promote excitement among their customer base. The results of this case study have both met and exceeded the conceptual expectations of this module and it has been deemed a success in the eyes of the interacting customers, company, drivers, and team. It is not very common for a customer to be enthused to use any transportation service and we’re finding that VIP Taxi’s customers are saying some wonderful things, interacting with the module frequently, checking their points balance, leaving kind feedback, and redeeming their points for more of VIP Taxi’s transportation service.

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